The Cairo Genizah: Medieval History Revealed

Monday November 17, 2008
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The Cairo Genizah: Medieval History Revealed

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MENACHEM BEN-SASSON, Professor, Hebrew University, Member of Knesset, Chairman of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, is a world-renowned expert in the history of Medieval Jewry in Muslim lands.

The Cairo Genizah, uncovered in the ruins of an ancient synagogue in 1895, represents hundreds of thousands of document fragments dating from the 8th century until after the 15th century, and includes Biblical texts and commentaries, rabbinic dictionaries, poetry, liturgical texts, philosophical and commercial documents, manuscripts, and letters written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic, Arabic, Judeo-Persian and Yiddish.

The Genizah is a window into nearly 1000 years of Jewish and Middle Eastern history, scholarship and daily life, and comprises the largest and most diverse collection of medieval manuscripts in the world.

Sponsored by the Friedberg Genizah Project,,
The Speakers Action Group, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Canada (ICEJ), Christians United 4 Israel (CUFI), Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University and Beth Tikvah Synagogue.

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