Why an Evangelical Christian Minister Chose Judaism

Sunday December 26, 2010
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Why an Evangelical Christian Minister Chose Judaism

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Ten years ago, Yehudah Tebbitt was an Evangelical Christian pastor. He began seeking the original roots of his faith - only to find each lead pointing him in the direction of Judaism. Yehudah will be sharing the fascinating story of the journey that led to his conversion to Judaism on Sunday, December 26, 8pm at Shaarei Tefillah Congregation, 3600 Bathurst Street. Jews for Judaism has organized this special program, as part of its "Back to the Source" lecture series, and admission is free.

Yehudah’s odessey was sparked when he discovered that the original followers of Jesus were Jews who never abandoned their traditional Jewish practices. This led him and his family to affiliate with a "Messianic" (Jew for Jesus) congregation. While becoming increasingly drawn to traditional Judaism, Yehudah found he was having difficulty retaining Christian beliefs and doctrines. Facing increasing rejection from Christian friends, the Tebbitts began practicing Judaism in 2007 and converted two years later under the auspices of Rabbi Michel Twerski of Milwaukee.

Even before his conversion, Yehudah began to counsel Jews whom he encountered in the Messianic movement and helped them make a course correction and return to their Jewish faith. In addition to having a unique insider's understanding of the "Messianic" missionary movement, Yehudah has done serious research into the history and beliefs of other religious groups that target the Jewish community for conversion, such as the Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists and even Islam.

The phenomenon of deeply committed Christians who are drawn to Judaism after exploring the Jewish roots of their faith has grown in recent years, according to Julius Ciss, Executive Director of Jews for Judaism. "For the past two decades, we've been holding an annual "Back to the Source" program during the winter holiday season where people have shared the stories of how they came to embrace Judaism after living a committed Christian life". Rabbi Michael Skobac, Jews for Judaism's Director of Education and Counselling, recently met with two Christian families at a Messianic Jewish conference who are now preparing to convert to Judaism. "Hopefully, this growing trend will be a catalyst for more and more Jews to begin to appreciate the truth and incredible beauty of their own Jewish tradition!"


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