The Holocaust: Studying the Holocaust

Monday February 28, 2011
7:30PM - 9:00PM

The Holocaust: Studying the Holocaust

Category :: Young Adult

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Commencing on Monday, February 28th at 7:30 p.m. and continuing every Monday night for the next 7 weeks, please join us for The Holocaust, taught by Sam Konig

*The Course
The Holocaust curriculum is based on the Echoes and Reflections, ( award winning curriculum.

Enrollment costs ONLY $25 for all 7 weeks!

More info on the course:
The Holocaust will take a close look at the following questions:

• Why Study the Holocaust
• When, why and how did the Nazis come to power? How did the Nazis treat the Jews for the first years after their accession? How did the Jews in Nazi Germany respond to their persecution before the war? Why didn’t more Jews leave Europe before the war began? Why didn’t more Jews go to Palestine before the war?
• Why did the Nazis murder the Jews?
• How many Jews were murdered in the Holocaust? How do we know? Do we have their names? How many Jews were murdered in each country?
• When and how did the Nazis decide to murder the Jews under their control?
• What were the largest ghettos, how many Jews were in them, and when were they liquidated? What conditions prevailed in the ghettos? How did Jews cope with conditions in the ghettos?
• What were the Einsatzgruppen and what was their role in the murder of the Jews?
• What were the gas vans? When and where were they used?
• What were concentration camps? When did they start to function, and what was their purpose?
• What were the extermination camps? When did they start to function, and what was their purpose? Who built the gas chambers? What kind of gas was used to kill Jews there, and who provided it?
• What role did German-dominated governments play in the murder of Jews? What role did non-German civilians play in the murder of Jews?
• How did the Nazis try to hide their atrocities?When did the world learn about the Holocaust? How did information reach the free world? What did the Jews of America do to help European Jewry during the war? Why didn’t the Allies bomb Auschwitz?
• What were the Judenraete (Jewish Councils)?
• Who are some of the best known Jewish leaders during the Holocaust, and what did they accomplish?
• How did the Jews resist the Nazis’ murderous assault?
• Who are the “Righteous Among the Nations”?
• In what condition were the Jews in Germany and Poland after the liberation? How did their rehabilitation start?
• Did the rabbis desert their communities during the Holocaust and, in general, how did the community leadership respond?
• To what extent did Jews hold to traditional law throughout the Holocaust? Did the Holocaust cause a questioning of faith among the Jews?

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