Sit You Tuchus Down 2 - A Night of Israeli Cinima

Monday February 22, 2010
7:00PM - 9:55PM

Sit You Tuchus Down 2 - A Night of Israeli Cinima

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SIT YOUR TUCHUS DOWN, a night of cinema like you have never seen before, piloted last year to a sold out crowd. The Jerusalem Foundation of Canada’s New Leader's of Toronto are gearing up for round two. The JFNL is a committee of the Toronto Jerusalem Foundation, consisting of young professionals whose goal is to support the development and beautification of Jerusalem via arts, culture and charitable projects that seek to advance and unite various ethnicities, cultures and communities in the city.

Featured films from last year's event were provided by emerging Israeli film makers of the acclaimed Ma'aleh film school and included the viewing of: Cohen's Wife, House 103 and The Orthodox Way. The Ma'aleh film school, founded in 1981 is dedicated to the exploration of Jewish/Israeli identity; each film highlighted unique compelling perspectives on the many faces of Jerusalem.

This year, co-chairs Michael Shinewald and Diana Fridlyand, on behalf of the JFNL board member’s, have decided to incorporate films by the Sam Spiegel Israeli film school to this year's screening. The Sam Spiegel film school was established in 1989 and selections for SIT YOUR TUCHUS DOWN 2 are being chosen by the schools 10 best shorts as decided by a jury of the top 60 film makers from 17 countries. SYTD2 is taking place on Monday, February 22, 2010 from 7-9pm at the Varsity VIP Theatre located at 55 Bloor St. W. Tickets can be purchased online.

About the JFNL: As a subsidiary group of the Jerusalem Foundation of Canada, the New Leader’s of Toronto are dedicated to the foundations fundamental vision derived from three essential elements. The Jerusalem Foundation’s apolitical mission is driven by: Community Building & Economic Vitality, Coexistence - Living Together and Cultural Life and Creativity. In support of these initiatives all proceeds raised from SIT YOUR TUCHUS DOWN 2 will be donated to the Djanogly Art School - a division of the Jerusalem Beautification Project. This is the first of two events the New Leader’s of Toronto will be producing; for each event donations will be given to a different charity of choice as decided by the JFNL committee.


More information on SIT YOUR TUCHUS DOWN 2, the Jerusalem Foundation or JFNL can be found @:

Media Contact: Koryn Greenspan @
Jerusalem Foundation Contact: Ian Leventhal @ 416.635.5491

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Koryn Greenspan
Varsity VIP Theatre
55 Bloor St,. West
M4N 1A5

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