Proud Jewish and Lesbian

Sunday June 12, 2011
7:00PM - 9:00PM

Proud Jewish and Lesbian

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Congregation DarcheThe Jewish Diversity Committee in cooperation with Kulanu Toronto presents
Author, Gabriella Goliger,grew up in
Montreal, studied in Israel
and has lived with her
same-sex partner in
Ottawa for the past 30
years. She is co-winnerof
the 1997 Journey Prize for
short fiction, was a finalist
for this prize in 1995, and
won the Prism International award in
1993. She has also been published in
a number of journals and anthologies
including Best New American Voices
2000and Contemporary Jewish Writing
in Canada. Gabriella will speak about her
latest novel, and copies will be available
for purchase.
Girl Unwrappedset in 1960s Montreal
is the story of a young woman caught
between her Holocaust-scarred parents'
desperate need for family regeneration
and her own awakening to taboo desires.
Filmmaker, Barbara Center,
is a 63 year old
Jewish lesbian
living in Toronto.
She has two
grown sons, one
of whom is gay.
Barbara has
always been
drawn to the
arts. Through her film, she expresses
her journey of rediscovering her
Jewish roots and coming out as
a lesbian. Some of her poetry and
art projects are featured in her
film Letters, which is screening at
the Toronto Jewish Film Festival
this year.
Letters,a poignant short film,
touches the heart as Barbara
shares what it means to be both
Jewish and gay.
Musician & artist, Justine Apple
grew up in a musical
environment in
South Africa. Both
her parents were
musicians. Justine
studied the piano as
a child, and later, in
her twenties, began
composing her own music influenced by
ABBA, New Age artists Yanni and Enya,
and American composer Philip Glass.
Justine is also a visual artist whose
abstract paintings, inspired by Kandinsky,
Chagall, and Miro, have been exhibited at
various galleries and outdoor exhibitions in
downtown Toronto.
Passages, her debut album, immediately
connects listeners with personal moments
of sorrow, contemplation, and empower-
ment. Copies will be available for purchase.

For More Information:
Andria Spindel
Congregation Darchei Noam
864 Sheppard Avenue West
M3H 2T5
(647) 345-6249
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