Go BIG for Peace

Wednesday March 30, 2011
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Go BIG for Peace

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- Everyone always asks how they can help and what they can do. Well now we're calling out to you and letting you know a simple and convenient way that you can make a difference and support Israel.

- On March 30th, go shopping for Israel no matter where you live. Buy for Israel. Buy for peace. Be a big part of this BIG (Buy Israeli Goods) Day. Buy goods: MADE IN ISRAEL.

-- 3 reasons WHY:

1. The Anti-Israel groups have declared March 30th a day to boycott Israel.

2. We must defeat the boycotters who advocate destructive instead of constructive measures, who undermine hopes for peaceful co-existence, and whose only goal is to defame, cripple and damage Israel. Buy for Israel, buy for peace.

3. We can help Israel if we work together.

-- 5 ways HOW:

- March 30th is a "BIG" day! How can you help?

1. We all love facebook mobile uploads and we all love shopping. Well, here's an excuse to go shopping! Take a fun picture or video with any Israeli goods you and your friends buy and send it straight to BIG@standwithus.com (or post it on this event page) to be a featured supporter of peace.

2. Get together with your pro-Israel, pro-peace friends and throw a party with only Israeli made products! See how many interesting and delicious snacks you can find. Visit www.buyisraelgoods.org to find a store locator of places near you that carry Israeli goods.

3. Don't think this is just limited to buying food. Who wants to give an exciting Victoria's Secret gift? Shop there and look for 'made in Israel' on some of their fun and comfortable products.

4. Share the love. If there's nothing you need at the store, buy friends a gift or snack and let them know that this great product was made in Israel.

5. Send this to anyone who may be interested. Spread the message. Post and repost this so that everyone has the opportunity to help on MARCH 30th.

- This is just the beginning. So many stores carry all sorts of Israeli products. There are countless ways that you, your family, and friends can unite to combat hate with peace and love. We have a single, tiny Jewish state and it's facing an unwarranted, unjust boycott. Don't let Israel face this struggle alone; don't stand idly by. Stores may not continue to sell Israeli products if people aren't buying them and Israel's economy could suffer without their American buyers. Stand up for what is right and stand up for what you believe in.

- BE the change you want to see in the world, don't assume others will take care of it because they might be assuming the same thing.

- The truth is that we live across the world from Israel. It's easy to forget how much Israel needs our help. Don't forget. The boycotters are working hard to create hate against Israel. Stand up for Israel. Stand together. Stand with us.
Thank you.

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