A Prayer at the Kotel on Yom Kippur

Tuesday September 25, 2012
12:00PM - 1:00PM

A Prayer at the Kotel on Yom Kippur

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As I had done last year for more than 100 people, it will be my honor & privilege to be able to place your name & request into the Kotel (wailing wall) for you, this coming Yom Kippur - The Holiest day of the year! As well as any other holy sites that I mat visit.

It is a long honored tradition, that people place their names & requests into the Kotel with hopes & prayer that G-D will honor that request! What better time to have this done, than on the day that all Jews sit in solitude beseaching our father in heaven for forgiveness, health, prosperity & happiness! As well as, to be forgiven for anything we may have done wrong & to wipe our slate clean!

It is said that at the end of Yom Kippur, G-d forgives us for all sins that we have committed against him and allows us to start anew [this is done even if we don't pray all day - just each on their own level, we simply need to refrain from eating "fast" and by doing so we are giving up a part of ourselves, and so G-d starts our slate anew.

As ALWAYS all the information that you fill out will not be seen by anyone other than myself - & in this case I won't even need to see it! Your name & request will be personally handled by myself, printed & sealed into an envelope & placed into the Kotel!

Remember the age old custom is to write your Hebrew name given at birth and your MOTHER's Hebrew name given at birth. NOTE: Many people have been given nicknames, which was not their birth name.

Wishing everyone A Kitiva V'chatima Tova

May you be inscribed in the book of good, health, and parnasah

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Shana Tova,


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